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While our families and faculty come from many different cultures, we consider ourselves to be a family. We know that our school provides a safe and challenging academic program, but we also know that to be the most effective we need the cooperation and support of our parents. Working as a team, we strive to develop lifelong learners and respectful global citizens.


Below are some informative resources for parents:

The English Modern School staff and students will review selected sections of this handbook together throughout the year. In addition, it is important that parents are familiar with the entire handbook and review pertinent information with their child in order to understand the available school resources and to reinforce expectations as reflected in the school’s rules, policies and programmes. We would like to emphasize that our rules and policies are based on the school’s “Expected School-Wide Learning Results” values which assist our students.

Parent & Student Handbook 2018-2019


EMSW Yearbook 2016-2017


EMSW Newsletters


Second Step – We Stop Bullying

We Stop Bullying Badge


Families Second STEP (Presentation & Activation Keys)


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