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Accreditation indicates that a school meets or exceeds established criteria within the profession for the assessment of institutional quality through a periodic process of self-study and peer review. An accredited school has the resources to achieve its stated purposes and provides evidence that its students are benefiting from the curricular and co-curricular program offered at the school.

The Evaluation Process itself provides an opportunity to improve the quality of education offered at the school, and the “Award of Accreditation” recognizes the quality of the evaluated school and sends out positive messages to parents, teachers, universities, governments, etc. and results in an improved school for students and the whole community.


The visiting team from the Qatar National School Accreditation (QNSA) under the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (Evaluation Institute) has just given English Modern School Al Wakra campus a glowing school report following a successful reaccreditation visit in September. Congratulations Team EMSW!


The English Modern School – Wakra achieved accreditation with QNSA (Qatar National School Accreditation) in May 2016.