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School Fees

Detailed Fees Schedule


(Please note that an application of fees increase will be submitted to the Ministry of Education and Higher Education for the academic year 2020-2021. Increase percentage will be announced once approved by the Ministry) 


(يرجى العلم بأننا سنقوم بتقديم ملف زيادة الأقساط المدرسية للعام الدراسي القادم 2020-2021 وذلك لوزارة التعليم والتعليم العالي. سيتم الإعلان عن نسبة الزيادة عند الحصول على الموافقة من الوزارة)


Year Group Term 1 (QR) Term 2 (QR) Term 3 (QR) Extra Fees (QR) Total Fees            per year (QR)
KG1 and KG2 7,783 7,783 7,784 512 23,862
Year 1 – Year 3 7,783 7,783 7,784 1,137 24,487
Year 4 – Year 6 7,783 7,783 7,784 2,275 25,625


Registration Fee QR 1,137
Bus Fee per term QR 2,275
Seat Reservation QR 2,275


Extra Fees will cover the cost of:

1. Stationery

2. Books

3. Classroom Resources

4. Materials used throughout the year

5. Activities

6. Trips and outings



1. The Assessment Fee of QR 285 is non-refundable and payable upon an offer of a place.

2. Fees must be paid in full at the beginning of each school term.

3. Students whose fees are not paid by the due date each term may be temporarily excluded from school until the outstanding fees are settled.

4. The school reserves the right to refuse personal cheques from parents.

5. The school requires one half term (six weeks) notice of parent’s intention to remove a child.


School Bus

If you have requested for your child to use the school bus please kindly pay the bus fee as soon as possible. We would like to encourage as many students as possible to use the school bus as we have NO CAR PARK and want to be considerate to our neighbours by not causing too much traffic obstruction in and around the school premises.

School Bus Rules

School Bus Form

For further information, please contact the Admission Office:
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