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School News

Appreciate the Importance of Culture, Context & Community (09 December 2019)

December 9th
Responsible learners "appreciate the importance of culture, context and

Primary Assembly – Cycle A (04 December 2019)

December 5th
Cycle A Primary Assembly was hosted by Ms.Wilma and the students of 3A.

Primary Assembly – Cycle C (03 December 2019)

December 5th
Being RESPONSIBLE: was the theme for the Cycle C assembly held on 3 December

The Year 5 & 6 Giants in the Sky Musical (27 November 2019)

December 1st
The musical production of Giants in the Sky, under the wonderful direction of

Term 1 Secondary Awards Evening (November 2019)

December 1st
Term 1 Secondary Awards Evening was a great success with more students than

Year 3 & 4 Trips to Kidzania (November 2019)

December 1st
Year 3 & 4 students had exciting and informative field trips to Kidzania.

Years 4-6 Educational Lecture Assembly (20 November 2019)

November 23rd
An educational lecture was given to Years 4-6 students, on Wednesday, by a

EMS Khor Football Tournaments (19-20 November 2019)

November 23rd
On Tuesday, a group of U11 and U10 girls and on Wednesday, a group of U9 boys

Annual Book Fair (10-14 November 2019)

November 17th
We held our annual Book Fair last week. Abu Karbal Bookshop and Lonely Planet

QND Poem Competition (November 2019)

November 17th
The following students participated in a Qatar National Day

Term 1 Awards Assembly (November 2019)

November 17th
The first of two Term 1 Awards Assembly was held last week. It was very well

Year 7 PBL-How to Prevent the Spread of Diseases (November 2019)

November 10th
This term our Year 7 students were working on their PBL unit “How to prevent