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Secondary Team



Education is not a lifelong process; education is life itself, therefore every child deserves to be educated and become the best they can possibly be.

My name is Alberto Edwards Spence, I was born in Costa Rica which is famous for its peace and democracy. This little country is located in Central America. I was also educated there and obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Teaching English and Spanish in high school, later a Licentiate in Teaching. A Licentiate in Hispanic countries is a degree higher than Bachelor’s but not as high a Master’s.

I have taught at home, then I had an exceptional opportunity to teach Spanish in The Bahamas, which I did for ten years at a high school.  I consider myself a world citizen and I believe I was born to teach, this institution gave me the opportunity to help students acquire a second language, so I am collaborating in teaching Spanish. I also serve on the M.U.N (Model United Nation) committee which trains and helps students in debating process, as after school activity I cooperate in having a Spanish conversation club.



My name is Colleen and I am from Durban, the province of Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. Teaching is my passion and I am currently teaching English and Social studies to Middle school students, Years 7-8, and Design and Technology to Years 7-9, at EMS. EMS is the second Cambridge International School I have taught at. It is my second year and I am thoroughly enjoying myself, as many of the students have a thirst for learning. Everyday a student will make me smile or laugh, especially when a student compliments me by saying, “Thank you, Miss Colleen, I enjoyed today’s lesson or I learnt something new today or what are we doing tomorrow?”

I have taught Year 4 and Year 8 to Year 12 students ranging in age from 9 to 19 years of age. I have experience in teaching a variety of subjects, such as English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Technology and Life Orientation.

Teaching English as a First and Second language to secondary students were my majors at University, coupled with Geography, Technology, Biology and Life Orientation.

I believe that each student is a unique individual and as a teacher, my role is to facilitate and guide students to have self-esteem and to believe in themselves. In doing so, students believe that they are capable and strive to better themselves, personally and academically. Teaching needs to be holistic, teaching students’ responsibility, leadership, caring, and respect. By ensuring the above, in my lessons I incorporate the ESLRs; students being an Effective Communicator, Critical Thinker, Independent Learner, Ethical Individual, Global Citizen, and due to being confident in themselves, allowing them to be DYNAMIC ACHIEVERS.



My name is Sarah R. Atya and I am so glad to be the Music teacher for upper primary and secondary. I’m from Egypt. This is going to be my 7th year as a Music teacher. I graduated from Faculty of Music Education, Helwan University Cairo in 2008 with a Bachelor in Music Education.  I got my master’s degree from Helwan University in Voice Training and Operatic Singing

My teaching philosophy is to provide students with the knowledge and information for them to appreciate music and the related fine arts. I want them to be actively listening, participating and engaging through music.

This is my second year with the English Modern School, Khor. I am so happy to be part of EMS and I can’t wait to pass my passion for learning music to your child.



My name is Christine Dietz and this will be my fourth year with EMS. For the 2018 – 2019 academic year I will be teaching Year 7 Social Studies, Year 7 Science, and Year 8 Science. I am also the Year 7A homeroom teacher. I am originally from the United States but have worked in both India and Thailand before coming to Qatar. I received my ungraduated degrees in both Biology and Education from St. Olaf College in the freezing state of Minnesota. I then received my master’s degree in multiple disciplinary studies from The State University of New York.

While I love teaching and much of my energy goes into creating fun and engaging lesson plans, I also have many interests outside the school. My biggest passion in life right now is the ocean and everything in it! This passion has led me to a decade long diving career that has included: Becoming a professional dive instructor, working on a live aboard as a dive guide, studying and analyzing coral health on the Belizean reef system, and tracking and monitoring shark migration patterns. Even last year I led the marine biology ASA on a study abroad trip to Thailand where the students focused on comparing ecosystems and marine ecology. It has given me a love and respect for aquatic ecosystems, which I share with as many people as possible.

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.” This quote helps guide me in life and in creating my classroom. I do not want to teach facts – I want to teach passion! I want students to be excited and find ways of putting their genuine interests into the curriculum. This is my goal and my hope for this year.



I am Ms. Katherine Porter and this will be my second year with EMS, Khor. I really love how small and personable the school is, it definitely feels like a family to me. For the 2018 – 2019 academic year I will be teaching Year 7 Global Studies, PE for the girls in Years 7, 8, and 9, and IGCSE and AS Biology for Years 10 – 12. I am very excited to begin the new school year and hope that my students are too!

I am originally from the United States but have worked in India, Egypt, and the US before coming to Qatar. I received my undergraduate degrees in Biology and Education from St. Olaf College in Minnesota. Currently, I am working on getting my master’s degree from Buffalo State University.

Though I love being a teacher I also have several outside interests.  I am very invested in ecology, conservation and the environment and I always try to incorporate this into my classes.  Marine biology is also a passion of mine and I love to swim, dive, and snorkel in my free time and will also be assisting with the Marine Biology ASA.

My teaching philosophy: “Teaching is the act of sharing the knowledge we have been given by others with the hope that someday, it again will be passed on.”  The information I have learned through my own education is a gift that I am able to share with my students.  It is my hope that the knowledge I share with my students will be lifelong and that they will share it with others in turn when presented with the opportunity.



“If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.” My name is Alfredo Manabat, I am from Southern Philippines. I hold a BS degree in Education (Math) and Master’s degree in Educational Administration (Academic Requirements). I have worked as Math teacher for 25 years. I have a passion for playing and coaching sports as well.

I have worked in 3 different international school in Qatar. I have worked for six years as middle and high school math teacher from 2011-2017. Furthermore, I have attended workshops and trainings related to CIE and Cambridge curriculum in Qatar. This year at EMS Khor, I’m excited to teach Year 7, IGCSE and AS Math.

I value education more than anything else, I can still remember what my father told me during my younger years and I quote: “Education is the only thing that can’t be taken away from us.”

I am looking forward of having a great year with my students.  I expect them to be more engaged in classroom activities, be Critical Thinkers and Independent Learners.



I feel truly blessed to be part of the EMS Khor family! My name is Sharon Brown and I am the Year 9 homeroom teacher.  I teach IGCSE English as a Second Language to Years 10 and 11; Cambridge English as a Second Language to Year 9; IGCSE Business Studies to Years 10 and 11; also Character Education to Year 8.  Jamaica is my country of origin and I have been teaching for 21 years. For 11 years (1997 – 2008) I taught Business Studies to years 10, 11, 12 and at college level.  For the past 10 years (2008 – 2018) I have been teaching in primary schools in London, UK with the past year being spent here in Qatar.  In Jamaica, I received my BSc. Management Studies, as well as my Post-Graduate Diploma in Education (Adolescent and Adult Education).  In the UK, I received my Qualified Teacher Status. In 2016, I earned my Master’s Degree in Psychology from the University of East London, UK.  I am currently enjoying being able to use my vast experience and training in secondary education at EMS.

This is my 2nd year with EMS Khor, in Qatar.  The students, parents, teachers and administrative staff have been very welcoming and now I feel at home.

I was fortunate to have had dedicated, skilled educators teaching and guiding my three children through their education; as a result of this, my educational philosophy is to provide the best quality education to my pupils, as if they were my own children.  Through the school curriculum, I also help pupils develop the skills as well as the enjoyment for life-long learning. I love reading and learning, and EMS Khor seems to be the best place to explore diverse cultures and create amazingly dynamic and enjoyable synergy!



I was raised in a small farm town in the middle of the USA. I graduated from Colorado State University with a BA in Diplomatic History and Political Science. I graduated from Hawaii Pacific University with a Master’s degree in Military Studies and Diplomacy as well as a Graduate Degree in Secondary Education. My area of expertise is in U.S. foreign relations in the Middle East and Latin America. I presently teach social studies for Year Nine, IGCSE Geography, Global Perspectives, AS Psychology, and AS General Paper. In addition, I am the debate coach for the Secondary and Preparatory teams at Qatar Debate competitions.

When I teach I focus on developing habits that increase a student’s ability to learn in a general sense. I want students to have skills that make them unafraid of trying to learn. I want students to reach a point where they are not intimidated by a subject or by a piece of writing. Rather, I want students to freely take notice of things in the world around them, to be able to calmly consider, and if possible to apply skills that allow them to evaluate and analyse the human phenomena of the world. I see this as my job and as the best thing that I can offer the world. The primary reason why I love working at the English Modern School Khor is because of the students. The students at EMS Khor secondary are diverse, respectful of one another, and generally hardworking. It has been my pleasure to work with them for the last four years.



My name is Mr. V. Abraham. I have a degree in Physics, Bachelor of Education degree and hold QTS from Birmingham University. After I graduated, I started my teaching career in Cape Town, South Africa, and taught Physics for eight years in a Secondary School. I then wanted to further enhance my teaching career and decided to move to the UK and worked as a Key Stage 3, 4 and 5 Physics teacher for ten years. For the last nine years, I have been teaching Physics in Qatar to IGCSE and A level students. During these nine years, I got the opportunity to lead the Science department and also I was Assistant Principal for a leading School in Qatar.

As a teacher, I love prompting student motivation, participation and effective listening skills through the implementation of positive reinforcement and rewards. Physics is an integral part of our life and promoting skills and technology will enhance the life of our youngsters. I am passionate about teaching and take pride in contributing to the children’s education.

I have a real passion for travelling, exploring various cultures, traditions and meeting new people. I am grateful to have this opportunity to work at a EMS. This school has a welcoming and stimulating environment and I am happy to be a part of the EMS team.



I am Ms. Tessy Johnson. I teach Chemistry for Years 10,11 and 12; Science for Year 9 and Global Studies for Year 8 and 9 at EMS Khor. I am also the homeroom teacher for Year 12 this year.

This is my 6th year at EMS Khor. In the past, I had guided middle and high school students who participated in competitions such as Qatar Environment Sustainability challenge (2014) and Healthy Living through Sports challenge (2015) conducted by the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy, Qatar. Our students won first place in both the challenges.

About my educational qualifications, I received my Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Mahatma Gandhi University, India and my Master’s degree in Applied Chemistry from Cochin University of Science and Technology, India. After the Master’s degree, I did Bachelor’s in Education for teaching Physical Sciences at the University of Calicut, Kerala, India. Before joining EMS, I worked as Senior Secondary teacher for Chemistry at Al Khor International School – Qatar for 3 years teaching high school students from grades 9 to 12. I had been the Middle school Math teacher at Middle East International School, Qatar for 1 year in 2008. In addition to this, I have 10 years of teaching experience in Chemistry at various public schools in India.

 I believe that the most important purpose of education is to create a methodological mindset in every individual so that he/she will be able to build his/her own understanding of the society and find his/her own place in the society. Teaching and learning science should be with this ultimate objective. I encourage my pupils to inquire, think, argue and arrive at their own conclusions while studying about various concepts and phenomena, with high degree of objectivity.

I enjoy working at EMS. I am passionate about teaching Chemistry to an amazing and motivated student community at this school.



I was born and raised in South Africa, where I studied and qualified in both Advertising Art (Diploma in Advertising Art with a Specialization in Graphic Design) and teaching (Bachelor of Primary Education), going on to complete my Masters in Educational Multidisciplinary Studies. I gained 13 years teaching experience in South Africa before moving to the Middle East. It is my fifth year teaching here at EMS Khor.

I have experience in teaching a wide range of subjects and ages, including Computer Science (and ICT),Visual Arts, Math, Social Studies, among others. I have also taught classes from KG2 all the way through to Year 13. I have been privileged to have spent the last 4 years working with a dynamic, forward thinking and diverse team at EMS Khor. I have grown incredibly and developed wonderfully enriching relationships with staff, students and parents.

My personal interests stretch to a wide range of topics and activities from neurology to robotics; from programming and app development to health and fitness; from movies to travel. I have spearheaded the Lego robotics program at the school and I am excited help the students develop a love for, and the skills and knowledge to be able to excel in this.

Having the progression of technology and sustainability as two passions of mine, I am continually looking at ways to apply 21st century thinking and practices to the classroom while still maintaining the global mindedness that will allow for sustainable living. I believe strongly in assisting students to become independent learners and set high standards as I believe they all have the potential to become dynamic achievers. I do this by holding students accountable for their actions and choices and assisting them to develop good habits and inspiring them to pursue their dreams with passion and self discipline.



My name is William Nassif and I am from Lebanon with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. I am a Drama and Art teacher for this academic school year.

I worked in Lebanon for 8 years before coming to Doha as a director, assistant director and stage manager for kids plays. Students were, and will always be a big part of my life, it’s not just about teaching, it’s a life dedication for our loved ones.

This is my 8th year in Doha as a Drama and Art teacher and my 4th year at EMS. I find myself very lucky working with the EMS Khor family, as the school shows much interest in teaching our students The Arts. These are essential for building character.

When teaching, I have high hopes and expectations for my student’s work. I  believe that each one of them has an inner artist that needs to express his mind on stage and in art work. Accordingly, my job is to make sure that all my students will reach a point where they can say to themselves, “I am proud of what I have accomplished.”



My name is Ruben Muñoz and I am from Spain. This is my first year working in EMS and my fifth one in Qatar. I will be teaching Physical Education for primary and secondary students.

I earned  my Bachelor in Sciences in Physical Activity and Sport and my Graduate Degree in Physical Education. Both degrees were earned in my hometown of Madrid. I have also completed my studies with an  Expert in Strength and Conditioning in Football Master Degree. I have worked in Madrid as PE Teacher and also as a  Fitness Coach. I especially love Football.

I have a big passion for physical activities and sports, but the most important thing for me is my vocation of teaching.  It is important for me to participate with my students in the construction of their learning . This year, my biggest goals with my students are to motivate them to practice different physical activities, to increase their knowledge through important values, and to help them believe in themselves.

“Do not put limits to anything. The effort is the reward”.



My name is Firas Besbes. I was born in Tunisia and grew up on the quiet island of Kerkenah. I graduated from University of Sfax , with a Bachelor of Teaching, specialising in Physical Education . My favorite sports are football, swimming and kite surfing.

I am very excited to be part of the PE Department at EMS, Al  Khor. I have been teaching in Qatar for 3 years now, gaining valuable experience across all age ranges. I am very happy to have embarked on a new challenge and working with new colleagues and students.

As a teacher of Physical Education, I like to ensure high standards for all of my students. I actively promote an environment in which all students can flourish and achieve their full potential. I like to motivate and challenge students of all abilities to ensure a positive learning environment. Encouraging young people to succeed and discover talent is a truly valuable experience, which I hopefully will continue to do for a long time to come.