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Primary Team


 Lower Primary Principal


My name is Jean Rivard, this is my third year as the ECE and Lower Primary Principal here in Khor. I am from the United States. I have been in education for over 30 years in international schools as a teacher and for the last 11 years as a Principal in Early Childhood and Primary.

My international experience and education in Child Psychology, Montessori, Masters in Education and in Leadership, allows me to adapt and understand other cultures and learn from other educational systems. It has helped me to become open minded, and continue as a lifelong learner.

I am thrilled to be among such a dynamic and diverse group of educators and enthusiastic community of students and parents who believe in an education based on values and understand the importance of seeing the child holistically.


Upper Primary Principal


My name is Jennie Major and I am the Upper Primary and Secondary Principal.  I am from the United States and have been in education for 17 years. I have taught Art, Math, English, ESL, and Social Studies.  My students have ranged in ages from 3 years old to 70 years old.  I have been an Assistant Principal in Primary and Secondary School.  I received my Certificate of International School Leadership in 2016 and my second Master’s Degree from the State University of New York at Buffalo in Multidisciplinary Studies with a specialization in Leadership.

This is my 7th year with the EMS family and my 5th year at EMS, Khor.  I am privileged to be part of the EMS, Khor community where the teachers and the parents work together in partnership to provide a full experience for the children at a school as small as ours. I believe that all children have a love for learning; it is our job as educators to figure out what they love to learn.


Year 1A


My name is Kerri-Ann Forbes-McFarlane, and I will be teaching your child in Year 1A this academic school year, 2019–2020.

I am fortunate and proud to be a citizen of both the United Kingdom (UK) and Jamaica.  I left the UK five years ago, to take up work here in lovely Qatar. This is my fifth year at EMS Khor. I have over twelve (12) years of teaching and pastoral experience, and I have previously worked in Jamaica and in the UK.

I attended the University of the West Indies in Jamaica, where I achieved my Bachelor of Science in International Relations and Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching, and gained Qualified Teacher status in the UK. I am currently pursuing my Masters in Multidisciplinary Studies with the State University of New York.

My teaching assistant, Ms. Sihem Belaid, is from Algeria.  She attended University in Algeria, and has a Bachelor of Science in Educative Sociology.  She has over five (5) years teaching experience. Ms. Sihem is a very dedicated and passionate individual who enjoys working with our children.

I must say that it is a pleasure working with our precious little Year 1 students. I really enjoy fostering the academic and social development of our children, with the aim of equipping them with the life skills necessary for the future global community. My satisfaction as a teacher comes when I see my students succeeding and achieving meaningful progress.

I am looking forward to establishing, and maintaining a meaningful line of communication with you. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any concerns or queries you may have during this academic year.


Year 1B


I am Ms. Patrys Pienaar from South Africa. I have been teaching for many years and continuously update my knowledge with training conferences.  I have a Bachelor’s degree in Education as well as all levels Music exams from UNISA University. I have been at EMS for almost 11 years. I love God, animals, children and music. The most beautiful sound to me is a child laughing.

Hello, I am Ms. Teresa Marie Caccam from the Philippines. I have lived in Qatar for 13 years (and counting) and completed my Bachelor’s degree in Public Health, with a major in Management, from Qatar University.

I love spending time with children as we explore the world together; they bring such joy and vitality to it. I love to be of service to others and my greatest treasures are my faith, my family and my friends. I enjoy reading, playing guitar and piano, singing and writing. EMS has welcomed me with open arms and I shall likewise do so with our students.


Year 1C


Good Day, my name is Hannelie Truter. I am teaching Year 1C  at the English Modern School, Khor. I have 25 years of teaching experience. This is my 12th year in Qatar and my 4th year working at EMS Khor. I have worked with students from ages 3 to 18 and I am looking forward to getting to know all the new students and to welcome back the other students here at EMS Khor.

I am from South Africa.  I hold a BA degree in Education and a BA in Sport Management.  I enjoy being around my friends and family and I am passionate about my profession. I enjoy working, teaching, playing, painting, drawing and supporting my students during our lessons. My students know that I have high expectations of their performance and contributions.

My words of wisdom to my students are, “A HEALTHY BODY FOSTERS A HEALTHY MIND”.  I am privileged to be part of the EMS Khor community. I meet students, parents and teachers from all over the world. I believe that all children have a natural passion for learning through experience, play, imagination and discovery. In our interaction with children, we learn a great deal about ourselves and to the world at large, children remind us daily of one of our most precious and pressing goals as educators, that is to keep their innate desire for knowledge and understanding alive and well.

Good day, My name is Zeny Joy Pacis I am from the Philippines. I have a Bachelor Degree of Science in Agriculture with a  major in Animal Science from Cagayan State University- Gonzaga. I will be working as a teacher assistant for Year 1C. It is my 4th school year with EMS and I am proud and happy to be a part of this family.


Year 2A


My name is Jyothi Anna John and I am from India. My teaching career started in India soon after I completed my studies. After acquiring a Bachelor’s degree in Education followed by a Master’s degree in Zoology, I spent four years teaching Biology and General Science to both middle and high school students. My teaching experience spans fifteen years and includes schools in India, Mozambique, Tanzania and now Qatar. I have taught Biology (CIE) at IGCSE level (year 10-11) and also General Science at KS3 and KS2 level (year 2- 9) at different stages of my teaching career.

I joined English Modern School in August 2018 as Year 2 homeroom teacher and I feel honoured to be part of a teaching faculty that is always committed to developing well-rounded learners who are good communicators, open minded, caring and reflective. I am thrilled to be part of this cheerful school and its promotion of honesty, courage and respect for others. I am proud of our dedicated team and our consistent effort to provide constantly challenging targets whilst using the most appropriate internationally accredited curriculum. I am constantly heartened by the teamwork and willingness to support each other that is displayed by both the teaching and non-teaching faculty at EMS Khor. I also consider it a privilege to work in a warm and friendly community and I am proud to be part of a team that is always dedicated to help the younger generation excel both academically and socially.

As an educator my prime objective has always been to meet the educational needs and expectations of my students and their parents by providing sufficient opportunities for the learners to develop and reach their full potential. I believe that every child has the right to learn in the way that best suits her/his learning style.  My goal, throughout my teaching career, has always been to equip every learner with the tools necessary to be a healthy and happy contributor to a global society.  I enjoy the experience and facilitation of real learning opportunities for my students.

My name is Shahla, I am from Sri Lanka and this academic year I will be working with Year 2A class as a teaching assistant. Prior to joining English Modern School Khor, I have been working in Sri Lanka as a primary school teacher for more than six years. I joined EMS Khor in 2014 and I love working with young learners helping them to attain high academic standards and reach their full potential. As a teaching assistant, in collaboration with the teacher in charge, I ensure that they all get the most suitable environment set up for learning.


Year 2B


Welcome to School Year 2019-2020! I’m Ms. Vilma, homeroom adviser for Year 2B. I am from the Philippines. I have a Bachelor’s  Degree in Business Administration majoring in Economics from Philippine University; Teaching Units from University in Makati; and Master’s Units in Educational Management, from Manila, Philippines.

Prior to joining The EMS Khor, I worked in Manila, Philippines, where I was a teacher for 20 years. During my time as a primary teacher, I served as division and regional English Demonstration Teacher; Math/Journalism Trainer; Contributor/Writer of English and Filipino Workbooks for grade one; Remedial Reading Teacher in English and Facilitator on seminar workshops in English. This is my sixth year of teaching Year 2 here at EMS, Khor

Assisting me on her first year is Ms. Farah. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health from Qatar University. Ms. Farah served as a Quran Teacher at Illinois Muslim Community Foundation.

It is our belief that every child must be nurtured with compassion. In return, their love for learning will be more developed. It is our passion to reach every child’s need and desire to learn. We hope to have good rapport with you our dear parents as we want the best for your kids.

Looking forward to a great year with you our dear parents and most especially with your children.


Year 2C


My name is Ms. Nelly Karugu. I am on my 6th Year at English Modern School.

I have over 26 years teaching experience having taught in various countries in the world. My previous school, before venturing to Qatar was Walt Disney English Schools, in China.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, Diploma in Montessori and TEFL-C (Teaching of English as a foreign language to Children).  Teaching to me, is a vocation and over the years I have been blessed to positively touch the lives of many children from different cultures in the world. I am strongly aware of the great impact teachers can have on the lives of their students since teachers and students spend much of their time together. I am a strong believer in teamwork between the parents/guardians and the teacher. I achieve this teamwork through constant and possibly daily communication. We are the major stakeholders in the lives of the students under our care, and once we forge a united team, success is achievable.

Outside teaching, I have interests in reading, cooking, singing, knitting and gardening.

My Learning Assistant is Ms. Radhika she has a Bachelor’s degree in Education Majoring in Primary Education. She has over 8 years of teaching experience 5 of which are in EMS. Ms. Radhika’s personal goal is to inspire and motivate students to do their best as they take pride in their own accomplishments. She guides them to realize their full potential using holistic approach to Education.


Year 3


My name is Ms. Wilma Daalman and I am from the Netherlands. I have been working in education for 25 years, teaching  in Syria, China and Qatar. I worked at the main EMS Campus in Doha from 2012 until 2015 and this is my second year at EMS Al Khor.

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Human Services and a Masters Degree from the State University of New York.

As a teacher I want to promote positive learning, make children enthusiastic about learning and prepare them to become lifelong learners. I believe that differentiated instruction is a way to reach all learners because some children need adjusted strategies or learning instructions. I am looking forward to an exciting and wonderful year with my 3A students.


Year 3


My name is Noha Fathy. I am the tallest teacher at the school. I am originally from Egypt. I have a Bachelor degree from the faculty of pharmacy and gained my Master degree in Education  from SUNY University in 2017 . I am a Year 3 homeroom teacher. This is my second year at EMS Khor and before that I was at EMS Doha for 8 more years.

I believe that all children are unique and have something special that they can bring to their own education.  I will assist my students to express themselves and accept themselves for who they are, as well as embrace the  differences of others.

Every classroom has their own unique community, my role as a teacher is to assist and help each child in developing their potential and learning style.

I will present a curriculum that will address each learning style, as well as make the content relevant to the students’ lives. I will incorporate hands-on learning, cooperative learning projects and individual work that engage and activate students learning.

Here at EMS Khor, I felt at ease, welcomed and supported. The positive environment is reflected on the student’s behaviour and attitudes. The Arts, Music and P.E. help develop and reinforce areas  in the student’s confidence, teamwork and much more. Over all the school is small in size with big ideas and one heart and it’s all about the STUDENT.


Year 3


My name is Ms. Denise Skyers and this is my third year as a Homeroom Year 3 Teacher, at The English Modern School in Khor, Qatar. I have dual Nationalities as a Jamaican by birth and British National by naturalization.

I was trained as a teacher at Sam Sharpe College and earned my first degree at the University of the West Indies in Jamaica. My teaching career started in Jamaica where I taught for over 7 years before migrating to the United Kingdom. In addition to my years of teaching in Jamaica, I have taught in the London for 16 years. I have got a wealth of experience that I have gain from teaching from year 1 up to year 8.

I am looking forward to continue my teaching, share and experience the culture of Qatar.


Year 4


I am from the beautiful, friendly country of Canada. I am from the east coast a small province called Nova Scotia.

I have been teaching abroad for 17 years. I taught in Busan, South Korea for 11 years at a Korean Elementary School before coming to Doha. I taught year 4 at the EMS Doha campus for 5 years before making the move to teach year 4 at Khor which I am entering my second year.

What I love about Khor is the sense of community and commitment from teachers, administrators, all other staff and parents. It is a welcoming feeling to be able to come here each and every day.

My teaching philosophy is one where the students feel safe and loved in the classroom. I want them to see the potential they have. I want them to leave my class knowing they can be a better individual and treat others with respect and be proud of their accomplishments.

I enjoy traveling and have been very lucky to do so much since leaving Canada.  I am a member of the Wireless Warriors, a Dragon boat team supporting Breast cancer survivors (always welcoming new people to try it out). I enjoy a good cup of tea, especially a Chai Latte, hanging out with friends and having a laugh.


Year 4


My name is Ms. Nancy and this is my fifth year teaching in Qatar. Previously I taught at EMS Doha.  I grew up in Anaheim, California, the home of Disneyland and even attended Walt Disney Elementary School. I have a Masters in Education and a teaching certificate in Special Education.

My experiences include teaching children of various age groups in the US, China and Kuwait. I believe that a classroom should be a safe, caring community where children can blossom and grow. I will use strategies to ensure our classroom community will flourish such as, morning meeting, positive vs. negative discipline, classroom jobs, and problem-solving skills.

Teaching is a learning process; learning from your students, colleagues, parents, and the community. Every school year I gain more knowledge from colleagues, students and parents.

I’m very excited to be at EMS Khor where it feels like a community of teachers, parents and students who are working together to make the school the best it can be.


Year 4


I am Rosie Liew from Malaysia. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture Science from the Agriculture University of Malaysia and hold a post-graduate Diploma in Education from the Science Teacher’s Training College in Malaysia. I have twenty-two years of teaching experience. This year will be my sixth year teaching Year 4 group in this school.

I believe that education is the most important thing that a child can have and as an educator, I have the responsibility to impart a high level of education to every child. As a reflective and enthusiastic educator, I am dedicated to enhance the young minds to develop continuously and achieve their potential so as to be knowledgeable, responsible and be long-life learners. I am looking forward to a wonderful experience with your child this year.