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Arabic Team


Arabic Coordinator / IGCSE Arabic as a Foreign Language / HS Islamiyat


My name is Hala Jarar and I am from Egypt. I teach IGCSE Arabic as a foreign language and Islamiyat for high school students at EMS Khor. I am also the Arabic Coordinator. I have a Bachelor of Science and a Diploma in teaching Arabic for non-Arabic speakers. I have also Master degree in Education. I have 16 years of teaching experience for primary and secondary students in Arabic and International schools. I have taken many of training courses In Arabic Language and Islamic Studies at the Qudurat Islamic center (Al Khor), the Dar Al Arqam Islamic center and Qatar Foundation.

My aim is to teach the students Arabic as Second Language in a way that is exciting and encourages my students to enjoy coming to Arabic class to learn Arabic. I also encourage my students to know more about their Islamic culture and history. The competitions that we participate in has shaped the character of our students and has instilled in them the spirit of challenge and discovery. The students have been successful and have won many top honors.

I love teaching in English Modern School, because it is an atmosphere of love and familiarity between teachers and management, and respect for others.


KG1 – KG2 Arabic


I am Ms. Wafa Abdel Fattah Mahmoud, Arabic teacher for Kindergarten (KG1, KG2) and Year one Qatar history and Islamic studies in English modern school. I have Diploma certificate of computer programming and systems analyzing from Jordan, I have completed my bachelor’s degree in Early Years Education from Yemen.

I have previously worked in Khor International School from 2006 to 2013 as an Arabic teacher.


  • Instil love perseverance in work performance
  • Building motivation and love of science and diligence
  • Building moral values ​​needed by the student in his dealings
  • Be proficient in the Arabic language reading and writing fun using all means attractive
  • That the child acquires concrete sensory experiences as much as possible

Courses Attended

  • Different types of learning disabilities (2010)
  • Dyspraxia
  • Strategies for working with children with ADHD
  • Supporting Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Behavior- the reasons behind different behaviours
  • Understanding and managing challenging behavior
  • Motivation (How motivate the children you work with)
  • Strategies for teaching, writing, reading, and spilling
  • Behavior and discipline policy
  • Preparing materials differentiation
  • Listening, questioning skills
  • I attended workshop at the learning center 2008, professional
  • Development workshop series
  • “6+1” writing program for students.
  • Learning styles in the classroom
  • Phonological awareness in Arabic language (25 March 2008)
  • I have completed training course in Arabic language spelling (02 January 2010)

The Arabic Teacher Assistant in ECE is Ms. Amina Hassaine  Daoudji. This is her fifth year in EMS. Ms. Amina completed “General Secondary Education Certificate–Literature”. She is cooperative, responsible, friendly, loyal, open minded and have passion.

I believe to prove an excellent work to obtain, maintain and remarkable reputation in teaching in EMS, where there is an increased opportunity for responsibility. I take the pride and enjoy the work I do in completing assignment given to me.


Year 1A, 2B & 3B Arabic / Islamic / Qatar History


It’s my pleasure to teach your children in my third year at The English Modern School, Khor.

I have a Bachelor of Arabic Language and Islamic Studies. Also, I have a diploma in special need education and a certified international trainer in special need education & learning difficulties.

My The classes this year: Year 1-A / 2-B / 3B Arabic, Islamic and Qatar history.

Objective: My goal is to teach the students how to use Arabic in their daily lives by using games, music and to have fun. Also, helping students overcome any difficulties whether educational, developmental or behavioral.

I wish God will help me to achieve what I wish for your children.


Year 1, 2 & 3 Arabic & Islamic 


I am Ibtisam Al Shamali, I’m teaching Arabic and Islamic to Year 1, 2 and 3.

I graduated from Mu’tah University in Jordan in 2003 and then the University of Jordan. I have taken courses in Qatar for National Professional Standards.

This is a brief overview of my career.

  • Emerging Standards Course in the State of Qatar (Gulf Center)
  • ICDL Mutah University Course
  • Othman Bin Affan Independent School for Boys 2013-2015
  • English Modern School 2015-now

I love teaching in English Modern School because there is an atmosphere of love and we all work as family.

I believe that this is professionalism.


Arabic and Islamic


My name is Leila Bouanani, Arabic and Islamic teacher, this is my second year in EMS Khor.

I am a person who loves to teach and especially who likes to push students to give the best of their self.

I believe that every child, whatever his level of education, has something special to give and that he is talented in a particular field, that is why I like to encourage my students and lead them to have confidence in themselves and believe in success.

My strategy in teaching is based on making students responsible and independent. my dream is to see my students succeed in their life, able to make their own decisions and overcome the challenges they face.

I hope the best for all my students.


Upper Primary / Secondary Arabic Islamic & Qatar History


My name is Reda Hafez from Egypt and I teach Arabic Islamic and Qatar History for upper primary and secondary. I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Arts and Education from Al-Azhar University The Arab Republic of Egypt (2008).

I started teaching in 2009, as follows:

  • Nile Private Schools for Languages- Giza, Egypt (3 years-10.2019)
  • Future & Language Schools- Dahab Branch (South Sinai for 3 years-02.2012)
  • I worked as Coordinator for the Arabic Language department at Futures
    School (Dahab 2013)
  • The English Modern School- Khor Branch (2014 up to present)

I am happy to be a part of this team because we are always working as a team and family.

I always work with positive thinking and constructive criticism; to produce a generation that
can advance its homeland towards progress and development, and this will come only with pride in its Arabic Language.