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Arabic Team


IGCSE Arabic as Foreign Language / Arabic Coordinator


My name is Hala Al Jarar and I am from Egypt. I teach IGCSE Arabic as a foreign language and Islamiyat for high school students at EMS Khor. I am also the Arabic Coordinator. I have a Bachelor of Science (King Abdul-Aziz University) Saudi Arabia 1993, and a Diploma in teaching Arabic for non-Arabic speakers (Cairo University 2012-2013.) I earned my  Master’s Degree from Buffalo State University in USA in Eduction. I have 17 years of teaching experience for primary and secondary students in Arabic and International schools. I have a lot of experience in the education field and have taken many training courses In Arabic Language and Islamic Studies at the Qudurat Islamic center (in Al Khor ), Dar Al Kawla Islamic center, and Qatar Foundation.

My aim is to teach the students Arabic as Second Language in a way that is exciting and encourages my students to enjoy coming to Arabic class to learn Arabic, and gain high scores in their IGCSE exams. I also encourage my students to know more about their Islamic culture and history.

I love teaching in English Modern School, because it is an atmosphere of love and familiarity between teachers, management, and students. Everyone shows a great deal of respect for each other.

We have participated in many competitions that have been successful. We challenged the students and many won the first positions.These competitions have shaped the character of our students and has instilled in them the spirit of challenge and discovery.



I am Ms. Wafa Abdel Fattah Mahmoud, Arabic teacher for kindergarten (KG1, KG2) and Year one, Qatar History and Islamic Studies at English Modern School. I have Diploma certificate of computer programming and systems analyzing from Jordan. I have completed my bachelor’s degree in Early Years Education from Yemen.

My experiences Arabic teacher in Khor International School from 2006 to 2013.

My goals as an educator is to instill love and perseverance in work performance of my students, build moral values ??of my students, help children to be proficient in the Arabic language reading and writing while making learning fun using hands-on activities.

The Arabic Teacher Assistant in ECE is Ms. Amina Hassaine Daoudji. This is her fourth year at EMS. Ms Amina completed General Secondary Education certificate in Literature. She is cooperative, responsible in completing work, friendly, loyal, open-minded and passionate for challenges.

I believe to prove an excellent work to obtain, maintain and remarkable reputation in teaching in EMS, where there is an increased opportunity for responsibility. I take the pride and enjoy the work I do in completing assignment given to me. 



I am happy to teach your children in my first year at the English Modern School.

This is an overview of my career, which I present to you.

I have a Bachelor of Arabic Language and Islamic Studies in 2011.

I have a diploma in vocational education in 2012.

I am a certified international trainer with special education and learning difficulties.

I started teaching since 2011, as follows:

Arabic teacher at the center of )LOGHATI ) for teaching Arabic to non – native speakers

Arabic Teacher at (Abo Ayoub Al – Ansari) Independent School for Boys in 2013

Arabic Teacher at (Al – Shaqab) Independent School for girls from 2/2014 until 7/2017

The classes I am studying this year:

1-2-3 Arabic language, Islamic education and Qatar history.

I strive to instill love of the Arabic language inside the hearts of students and help students overcome any difficulties, whether educational, developmental or behavioral.

I wish God help me to achieve what I wish for your children.



I am Ibtisam Al Shamali, a teacher of Arabic Language and Islamic Education for the second and third grades. I graduated from Mu’tah University in Jordan in 2003, and then the University of Jordan towards the University of Jordan. I am happy to teach your children for the third year of the modern English school. This is an overview of my career, which I present to you.

National Vocational Standards Course in Qatar (Gulf Center)
New Standards Course in Qatar (Gulf Center)
First aid course in Qatar
Duru ICDL University of Mu’tah
A new teacher course in Jordan
Developing the curriculum of the school of scientific aspirations nineth and tenth grade 2004
Al Karama National School Grade 4, 5 and 6 (2005-2013)
Othman bin Affan Independent School for Boys 2013-2015
The English Modern School 2015 – now
Participate in the spelling competition for 2013-2014

I love teaching at the English Modern School.



My name is Leila Bouanani, I am an Arabic and Islamic teacher. This is my second year in EMS  and the first year in Khor .

I am a person who loves to teach and encourage children to do their best.

I believe that every child, whatever his level of education, has something special to give and is talented in a particular field, that is why I promote my students and give them the confidence to believe in themselves.

My  teaching strategy is based around teaching students to become responsible and independent. My hope is to see my students succeed in  life,able to make their own decisions and overcome the challenges they may face.



Peace, mercy, and blessings of God be upon you.

I am happy to teach your children this year, I am Rehab Mohammed.  I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Arabic from Cairo University. My 6 years of experience varies between Egypt and  Qatar. I have attended  several international conferences such as (Tara 2015-2017). I have also attended workshops held by the Supreme Education Council. Finally I have taken courses in Differentiation and True Colors.

I am teaching Arabic for non native speakers. My main objectives for this year are to encourage students to obtain the highest grades in various Arabic subject and  to improve my students in Arabic and make class more interactive.

I am happy to join EMS this year. I will be starting my Master’s degree with SUNY Buffalo.



My name is Toka Mahmoud Mohammed. I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Arabic Language and Islamic Law Faculty of Dar Al Uloo from Cairo University.  I have also obtained an educational diploma and a professional diploma for teaching students with special needs.

I have 6 years of teaching experience.  I worked for two years at Future Language School in Egypt and this is my fourth  year in Qatar and my 4th year in English Modern School. I love working with my team and I feel that all the school is a small family.

I am teaching Arabic and Islamic for Years 4 and 6 , and Arabic and Islamic for Year 1 and 3 non-native students.

I believe in the idea of working with projects. It is important to have students who can combine the skills and content they have learned and apply it  with real life.



Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you.

I am happy to teach your children for the fifth year in a row, I am Hazem Mohammed Ali.

My 20 years of teaching experience has taken me from Egypt, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and finally here in Qatar. I have a Master’s Degree from SUNY Buffalo University in the United States.

Professional development is important to me. I have taken many different courses such as; classroom management, working on interactive whiteboard and smart boards, and have attended several international conferences such as (Tara 2013-2014), which I was a lecturer at, and workshops of the Supreme Education Council. I am the founder of the EMS SOAR Conference. This is a conference for Arabic teachers to share best practices.  I love to work at EMS because the school helps me to develop myself and gives me opportunities to develop professionally.

I am currently the administrator of the techno Arab channel which is dedicated to educating Arabic teachers. I am also in the process of finalizing a special book for IGCSE Arabic students.

My main objectives for this year: Encouraging students to obtain the highest grades in various Arabic subjects (Arabic Language, Forensic Science, National History).



My name is Reda Hafez and I teach Arabic Islamic And Q.H for upper primary and secondary. I’m from Egypt. I am a Bachelor of Arts and Education , Al-Azhar University – The Arab Republic of Egypt – 2008.

Started teaching in 2009, as follows:

1 – Nile Private Schools for Languages – Giza – Egypt, for three years. From 10/2019

2 – Future’s Language Schools – Dahab Branch – South Sinai for three years. From 2/2012

3 – I worked as a coordinator for the Arabic language department at Futures School – Dahab in 2013.

4 – The English Modern School – Al Khor Branch – Qatar from 2014 till now.

I am happy to join this team, always working as a team and a family.

Objective: I always work on the graduation of a generation capable of positive and positive thinking, and constructive criticism; to produce a generation that can advance its homeland towards progress and development, and this will come only with pride in its Arabic language.



My name is Moustafa Shabli and I am Turkish. I am teaching: Arabic, Islamic Studies and History of Qatar for students in primary and middle school. I have a BA in Islamic Studies from the Faculty of Dawa , University  in Lebanon in 2005, and I have a Master’s degree from (Omdurman Islamic University), Republic of the Sudan in 2017.

I have 13 years of teaching experience for students in the stages: elementary, middle and secondary in Arab and international schools. I have extensive experience in the field of education in the UAE and have attended and participated in many Arabic and Islamic Studies courses in the UAE – all the Abu Dhabi Education Council sessions – which benefit me professionally and academically as a teacher and educator. I served as Public Supervisor in the summer of 2016 for community schools, which was held at the Al-Radwan  School in the Western Region of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.  also participated in many competitions held at the UAE Ministry of Education and the Abu Dhabi Education Council, and it was also stimulating and encouraging for students later, and instilled in them the spirit of challenge, discovery and innovation.

My goal in my profession is to teach students Arabic in an exciting and loving way and encourage them to enjoy learning, understanding and speaking. I also teach students and encourage them to learn more about their culture and Islamic history.

I love teaching at EMS because it is an atmosphere of love, fraternity, familiarity and cooperation between teachers themselves, between teachers and management, and between teachers and students.