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Primary Assembly – Cycle B (11 December 2019)

Dec 11 in News

Cycle B assembly was held on 11 December and was hosted impressively by Ms. Jyothi Class (2A) who reminded everyone in song to “Be Responsible today and everyday.” Patry’s (1B) class excitedly sang a song and proudly displayed ordinal numbers. Ms. Nelly’s (2C) class sang and ryhthemmetically rapped “A Day at symmetry Land” displaying examples of symmetrical lines such as roand, roller coasters and hearts.

Ms. Suzanne’s 4B class recited facts and sang a song about healthy living, the importance of taking correctly prescribed medicines and how to prevent the spread of germs to others.  Ms. Rosie (4A) presented some old and new facts about land ,sea and air animals that have been researched in class which included the Polar Bear, Tiger, Panda, Hyena and Zebra.  Finally, thanks to Ms. Noha’s (3) class that dressed as future community leaders and presented similarities and differences of  suburban, rural and urban communities.

Congratulations to the CLA award winners who took the stage and to 4B (Ms. Suzanne) class winners who won the Golden Cup until 2020!


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