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Blue Falcons



As High As Honour!



My name is MR. LAWRENCE ONTHUGA. I am a Physics Teacher at EMS with 19 years teaching experience. I will be the Head of the Blue House, The Blue Falcons, this academic year.

Our House is named after the most popular and loved bird in Qatar, the Falcon. This is to reflect Qatar’s rich culture and the vibrant falconry industry in the country. Just like Falcons, we fly high with Success, Honor, and Pride of EMS.

I am extremely excited and enthusiastic to welcome you to the Winning BLUE House; The Most Successive and highly competitive team at EMS. We are the Pride of EMS!. Last year, the Blue House won almost all events except in Sports-Day events where we lost to the Reds by just 3 points!! This year we are focused to win everything and remain the Pride and Champions of EMS.

This year the House System has been rebranded to promote student welfare, leadership and development. Our commitment is to make every child in Blue House well cared for, supported, encouraged, mentored, loved, guided to unleash their full potential in academic and non academic activities. We want to make every child a winner, a competitor, a champion, and to embrace school values and high sense of self-discipline. EMS is committed to putting the well-being of every child at the centre of all actions in school. I will be working closely with Mohammed’s House Tutor who is the main point of contact in all school matters both academic and non-academic.




  • Inspire pride , sense of belonging and collective responsibility.
  • Encourages positive competition; We want to make every child a winner, a competitor, and a champion.
  • We put the safety and  Well-being of every child at the centre of our actions. Every student is an integral part of the EMS community.
  • Model and inspire students to uphold positive behavior and the school regulations and procedures. 
  • Encourage student to embrace the EMS Code of Ethics
  • Guide students to demonstrate the CIE “CIRRE” attributes
  • Empower student voice and leadership skills. 
  • Support students to have fun and memorable experience while in school. We need our students to enjoy being in school, feel they have a responsibility to EMS community.  
  • Promote Sharing, collaborating and working in groups.