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Cyber Safety

Online safety is an important concern in today’s society. The world is more dynamic than ever before. Change seems to happen daily. Children don’t question this change, and they seem to thrive on it. However there are dangers lurking for people who are not careful. People should know how to properly share information, search the internet, and use social networks. Understanding and dealing with this is important for families and schools. Below are some helpful links for parents:

Parents and Carers

Thinkuknow for Parents and Carers


Reading Tips for Parents of Middle School Students

Bullying – A Parent’s Perspective

Cyber bullying

Helping My Child Parents




Primary Google Site


Cambridge Advice for Transition – An Introduction for Parents

Guidance for Parents – Arabic Version




Secondary Google Site



TERM 3 – Final Exams (Years 7-10) Timetable 2018

Examinations / Final Exams 2018 (Years 7-10)

Year 7 Revision Guide

Year 8 Revision Guide

Year 9 Revision Guide

Year 10 Revision Guide


University Admission Officer, please email: hs.counselor@emsdoha.net


For Parent Feedback Form, please see the link below: 

Parent Feedback Form