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All students are required to wear the school uniform.

Approved uniform items can be purchased from Edumax, located at the Barwa Commercial Avenue, type 1 Jeera, Abu Hamour, next to Ansar Gallery (please check the opening times before visiting).

Telephone: +974 4432 1186 / 4442 1359 – Fax: +974 4427 5864 – Mobile: +974 6690 8791

Email: edumax@almuftah.com

Website: http://www.edumaxqatar.com/


Showroom Timings:

9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. / 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. (Please note that it is closed on Friday)

Ensuring that students are wearing the proper uniform in each class is the parents’ responsibility.


Students who arrive at school incorrectly dressed may be asked to make arrangements to get the proper attire. Persistent disregard of the EMS Dress Code will result in disciplinary action.


Blue polo shirt with EMS logo on pocket Pink Polo shirt with EMS logo on pocket

Navy blue long trousers (no jeans or tracksuit pants allowed)

Navy blue long trousers, or below the knees skirt (no jeans, leggings or tracksuit pants allowed)

Appropriate dark shoes Appropriate dark shoes
Navy blue (zipped) jacket with EMS logo only Navy blue (zipped) jacket with EMS logo only
Blue baseball cap with EMS logo Blue baseball cap with EMS logo


The YEAR 12 STUDENT UNIFORM is white dress shirt / blouse and black dress trousers / slacks / skirts.



Compulsory for all students unless there is a longstanding medical problem verified by appropriate doctor’s documentation. Students are also expected to be in possession of sportswear for Physical Education lessons.

School grey t-shirt with school logo School grey t-shirt with school logo
School black shorts or tracksuit bottoms School black tracksuit bottoms
Sports socks Sports socks
Training shoes Training shoes



Primary students are encouraged to wear their House Colours on Wednesdays and at House related activities.


Parents are strongly encouraged to mark their child’s clothing with his/her name or initial so that “lost” items can be more easily identified and returned. Unclaimed “lost” items are disposed of at the end of each term.