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Admission Assessment

Admission Assessment results will be emailed to parents a week after the completion of the assessment.


KG1, KG2 and Year 1

Children applying to KG1, KG2 and Year 1 will be assessed on English language development, social skills and behaviour. KGs assessments are held in March/April prior to the new academic year start. These assessments are conducted by the Lower Primary staff and allow the children to play and interact using educational toys provided.


Year 2 to Year 6

Children applying to Year 2-Year 6 should pass the English pre-screening oral interview in order to be given standardised tests in Math and English appropriate to their age. In addition to this, they will also be evaluated on their ability to sustain a conversation, social skills and behaviour. Students are expected to achieve at the standards related to year level and age in both assessments in addition to meeting all other admission criteria.


Year 7 to Year 10

English and Mathematics Entry assessments for Year 7-Year 10 are conducted. Students are expected to score a minimum of 60% on both assessments in addition to meeting all other admission criteria.

Students applying to year 10 will be interviewed by the secondary school principal or the secondary school counsellor for the subjects options before acceptance is rewarded.


Entry to Year 11

Since the IGCSE programme is a two-year programme, we are hesitant to accept any student for Year 11. However, some exceptions are made after interviews are conducted with secondary School Principal and reports of subjects taken in other schools in Year 10 are evaluated; in such instances, the candidate might be required to sit for assessments in all subjects opted for.


Entry to Year 12 

The AS Level programme is an advanced course of study. Acceptance into this programme is dependent upon the student scoring a minimum of a “C” grade or higher in 5 subjects taken at IGCSE (Year 11) level from an external accredited examination board(s).

Please note that we usually do not admit students for entry to Year 11 or Year 12 if the student is coming from a different program, as this at the midway point in a two-year examination syllabus IGCSE and AS Programmes.