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Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a challenging, internationally based education that nurtures lifelong learners in a multi-cultural setting.


Our Vision

Our vision is for all our students to reach their full potential and positively impact their world.


Statement of Internationalism

At English Modern School Doha we embrace internationalism through acceptance of differences, values, and beliefs in our community. This is emulated through our expected school wide learning results (ESLRs).


Our Credo

As contributing members of the prestigious educational community, at EMS we believe that:

Education inspires a love of learning and develops an enquiring mind. The full potential of each individual in the learning community is achieved through commitment, dedication and striving for excellence.

The education of students must be broad, balanced and integrated, and comprises academic, creative, physical, social and moral development.

Effective learning comes from the understanding of concepts, content and practical skills in each area of study and how these relate to each other and apply to the outside world.

Balancing academic learning with creative, physical and social activities is fundamental to the further development of pupils’ self-expression, self-discipline, independence, responsibility and self-confidence.

The engagement of the school in social and environmental projects both within and beyond the school contributes to the development of informed, responsible and active citizens.