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About Us

Welcome to the English Modern School, Doha!


At the English Modern School – Doha, we aim to provide a truly international education. The English Modern School has students from over fifty (50) countries.  As an international school we celebrate our national roots, but we also transcend national boundaries. We strive to provide the literacies and academic currency to empower our students to succeed in a range of global academic contexts.  Be it a conceptual framework, or disciplinary skills, the capacity to utilise a range of cognitive skills, or a values framework which would have the students embrace the highest standards of academic honesty as their own.  We celebrate our international composition, ambitions and outlook.

We adopt the Cambridge International curriculum from Year 1 through Year 12, culminating with IGCSE and A and AS levels.  We have a specially tailored, developmentally appropriate formative program in KG 1 and 2.

The English Modern School adopts belonging a central pillar of its mission.  The English Modern School is, “A Place Where We Belong.”  We are a community of expansive and challenging ambition. A place where you might come as you are and feel welcomed and accepted.  A place where you might embrace the culture, ethos and expectations of this community and become all that you might be. The English Modern School is a place where we all belong and we all grow – staff and students.  Students are encouraged to enjoy their time in our classrooms, on our sports fields and playgrounds, our gymnasiums, laboratories, swimming pool and our shared cyberspace.  They are encouraged to share their interests, indeed their passions, with their teachers and fellow students.  They are encouraged to forge a sense of affiliation and attachment, to extend to others a sense of inclusion, so all might feel accepted and feel that they truly belong.

Welcome to the English Modern School.  It is a special place in Doha and a special place in our hearts.


Alan Morley

Head of School

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