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Arabic Week (17-21 March 2019)

Mar 24 in News

– In primary classes we had some parents and external guests as well as some admins who came three days in the week for story telling to our kids.

– Also, we had a number of interactive activities outside in the field for KG and year 1 kids which brought so much joy to the week.

– There were some competitions for primary kids in which they were awarding immediate gifts from “gifts’ shop”, they were so delighted.

– A number of debates have been run in year six classes which interested the students and encouraged them to use Arabic in expressing their ideas.

– In primary and secondary, we had a number of young Arabic teachers among our students who taught their classmates/teachers Arabic.

– We ran a poetry elocution competition from year 1 to year 9, the best election in every year group will be awarded.

– We had a competition of story writing in middle and high school.

– We had a big assembly for secondary on Thursday in which students showed how well they were in poetry elocution, singing and acting in Arabic.
We had as well a competition between parents and students in year seven, it was a lot of fun and entertaining!

– We had during the whole week “Arabic Book Fair” which all students from KG to year 10 had scheduled visits to.

– In secondary, we had a number of activities for students and staff around secondary buildings.

– Thursday (21 March 2019) was a dress up day in primary, in which students wore the costume of a famous Arabic scientist/figure in history, they were amazing!


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