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Botball at EMS!

Mar 01 in News

Our first Botball team competed in a challenging robotics competition at Carnegie Mellon University on Friday, February 23rd. The team made it through to the second round of eliminations, where the robots endured 5 rounds of head to head battle against other teams. In the end, the creative design and engineering of the team earned them the Judges Choice for Engineering Award!

What is Botball?

A robotics competition where secondary students design, build and program two robots for a set challenge. The international competition is organized by the KISS Institute for Practical Robotics and locally hosted by CMU University.

EMS Doha Team

The team was led by team leader Joshua Lepon and Hao Lee. The two students attended a two-day training in December to learn about the basics of building and programming the robots. The team worked through school holidays, in after-school sessions, at home, and even on the weekends to prepare the robots. The documentation team earned perfect scores on the mechanical design and team progress reports that were submitted as a part of the competition. Even the team shirt was designed by a student!

We’re so proud of the hard work and commitment of these students. Be sure to congratulate them and ask about the program!

Team Members:

Joshua Lepon, Year 12
Szu-Hao Lee, Year 11
Eyad Abdelhamid, Year 12
Ibrahim Adawiya, Year 8
Essraa Afifi, Year 8
Marya Al Masri, Year 12
Kimberly Alfabete , Year 11
Abdallah Alqashqish, Year 9
Jazmin Erice, Year 12
Jerick Erice, Year 11
Noor Shahen, Year 11
Yahya Shahen , Year 9



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